Manhattan Supreme Lash Mascara – Review


I have kind of a love-hate relationship with mascara. My lashes are practically white which makes them literally invisible if I do not use tons of mascara every day. 

I am also very picky when it comes to what goes onto my lashes. I have seen so many girls with stunning make-up but clumpy lashes and so I have made it my mission to find the perfect mascara. Now, without further ado – onto the review.

The product:

Manhattan Supreme Lash Mascara.

There is not really written much on the packaging. Just some key phrases: “Waterproof – Clump Free – Volume & Care and With Argan Oil”

What it claims to do:

  • Waterproof formula with argan oil and high definition brush for volume and care without clumping
  • Lashes feel nourished. Perfectly defined lashes and full volume without clumping
  • Easy to remove
  • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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What it really does:

Here I have to separate the review into two parts. A mascara has tow main points one should look at when deciding what to buy: The wand and the actual mascara.

The Wand:


Wands make the lashes! The lashes make the look. Or at least I like to think so. This is why I am meticulously searching for the perfect applicator. I found a fairly decent one some years ago but still. Decent is not perfect.

This particular applicator is a plastic wand. It is thick with a lot of bristles -can you say bristles when describing a plastic wand?- and a round, pointy end.

The application is smooth and it feels really easy to catch all lashes in one swoop. Big plus point here. Also the lashes get really long. I had smudges near my eyebrows after using it.

Now, a thing that is not so nice is that the lashes clump together easily and look kind of heavy. I like my lashes a bit more natural and them clumping together does not get me that effect. Also if you do not want to colour your nose black you should consider wiping off the pointy tip before applying.

I do not really like plastic applicators but this one is not all that bad. I have had worse.

The formula:

Actually this is why I decides to review this product in particular. The formula is fabulous. I was really surprised when I applied it.

The colour is really vivid and when first applying the mascara it shimmered a bit. I guess this is the argan oil inside of it. The black is dramatic and even after drying still looks nice and fresh.



The cons: 

Con 1: Rather than giving my lashes lots of volume it made them a lot longer. So of you have short lashes I can really recommend you to try it out. So the text stating that your lashes get more volume is kind of untrue.

BUT my lashes got really long so I guess that counts as a big pro.

Con 2: The claim that this mascara is clump free got rebuked by me the moment I applied it. Not as bad as other products I have tried out but still…

To avoid clumps you could applicate them early on, let them dry and brush them out to separate them later on. I do that from time to time and you would be surprised at the results.


The pros: 

Pro 1: The colour really is the one thing that draws me to the Supreme Lash mascara. It it so vivid even after hours of wear.

Pro 2: I went out into the rain, splashed myself with water and then rubbed my eyes to check if it really is waterproof like it claims and I can only say: Yes! My face neither looked like that of a raccoon, nor did I feel like I fell out of a bad BBC drama.

It may seem a bit strange but as a small add on pro I would like to comment on the smell. Some mascaras smell something awful. This one has an aroma that reminds me of baby powder mixed with something else I just cannot put my finger on at this moment… Oh well, it smells nice!



Even tough I do not like the applicator very much the rest easily makes up for it so I can recommend it for people with short lashes or someone who wants some dramatic colour.



I give this product a solid three because even tough I am not fond of the wand, the mascara itself is quite worth the money.


An Alchemiin Tip:

If you, like me, don’t really like an applicator but ran out of mascara you really liked you can try to use the colour of the new one with your old favourite brush. I do it all the time!



Until the next review! Love, Eden

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