Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Mask | Vita C – Review



Every mask is different. You can react really well to one and get dry skin from the other. The smell is also a matter of preference. Your best friend could love the rosy-sweet smell of a mask and you could get nauseous just from a whiff. 


This is where I come in. I cannot tell you if the mask will suit your particular skin type, or if you will like the smell, but I can report my experience and impressions to give you sort of an insight on the sheet mask.


The product:

Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Mask – Vita C

The masks from Aritaum may not be revolutionary in design, but it is really easy to understand, and with the different colours Aritaum uses even easier to arrange. The lower part is white and kept simple with one key element of the particular mask.

So even when looking at the pack it is easily recognisable what the main “ingredient” of purpose of the sheet mask is. What is a bit off putting is the fact that the white part gets yellow after some time and makes the mask look quite unflattering.



Magnesium Ascorbyl: The antioxidant Magnesium Ascorbyl is a form of vitamin C that is known for increasing the skins hydration levels. It also calms the stressed skin and raises its hydration levels.
Magnesium Ascorbsyl is also said to be able to improve the look of an uneven skin tone.

So this apparently is the ingredient this sheet mask got its name – Vita C – from.



How to use it:

itsskin_aloe_relaxing_mask 2

If there is some essence left in the pack, use it to treat other parts of your body. I have said this in a previous Alchemiin Tip, so check it out if you want to know a bit more.


What it claims to do:

  • Contains Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate extract 2,000μg
  • Skin’s moisture levels increased by 119% after using
  • Serum-based essence sheet mask leaves skin deeply hydrated
  • Extra gentle mask that conforms to your face
  • Brightens and improves skin tone and clarity


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What it really does:

The smell is mediocre. It is neither bad nor good, just something you would expect from a skincare product. But the Vita C mask does have that fresh scent that makes you reel vitalised and refreshed when inhaling it.
I cannot say that it smelled like grapefruit or anything even remotely fruity, like one would assume from the package. Still it is ok I guess. I actually could not imagine anyone finding this fragrance disturbing or too oppressing.

The sheet is not something that works that well with people with a small face. The Aritaum masks i have tried so far don’t adjust that well to your faces form and applying it is a bit of a hassle.

Yes, it is true, that people with a small face have a bit of a struggle with sheet masks in general, but I can say from experience that there are masks that mend to the shape of your face better, and some that don’t do that.  




The mask feels really cool and refreshing when put onto the face. It feels quite relaxing and the cooling effect is immediate. This is definitely a big pro because you feel instant relaxation with this particular Aritaum mask.

After the recommended 20 minutes the mask sheet lost a lot of its serum and felt a lot dryer than any other sheet I have used before, which means that most of the serum got absorbed by my skin. Even a few hours after using my skin still feels really soft and moisturised. Maybe even more so than after just having removed the mask.

I did not see any big noticeable change in my complexion to be honest. But this could also be because of the fact that I am as pale as you can get naturally – I cannot imagine me getting any paler without looking like a vampire – but my skin tone in general did even out and looks healthier than before.



The cons: 

Con 1: The sheets from Aritaum are not my favourite. They are not too bad, but opening them is quite a hassle and they feel like they could rip with the slightest touch. Also, when you compare the ease of appliance to other sheet masks this one clearly is not one of the top three. The sheet tends to be a bit uncomfortable when you try to ease the mask onto the skin.

Con 2: If you are a fan of a good smelling sheet mask you will not be happy with the Vita C mask.

Personally I like it, because it smells fresh and somewhat like refreshments but the scent is really supple so this is no mask you use should you feel the urge to surround yourself in a world of flavours.


The pros: 

Pro 1: The Vita C mask is quite hydrating. Maybe not as hydrating as other products you could use but this is easily compensated by the fact that the essence is absorbed easily by the skin.

My skin is a bit of an arrogant prick and tends to reject anything and absorb nothing. But with this mask I felt like my skin fell in love and took in every single part of the essence. I was stunned, because this actually never happened to this degree before. 

Pro 2: To contradict the smell con, I feel like I should write a pro as well. I am sure some of you dislike a strong smelling mask and prefer a more subdued flavour. If that is the fact this is one product I can fully recommend.

Pro 3: As my skins colour did even out, I can see this product being quite helpful to people with uneven skin tones or someone who is suffering from redness.

Does anyone of you struggle with an uneven complexion or red splotches? If so, I am really interested in what you do to fight this. I would be delighted to hear your stories. 



I sure would buy this mask again. But on the same time I do not think this is a product worth spending too much money on.
You should grab this at a sale and buy a small stash to last you until the next sale to get the most out of this product.





Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Mask – Vita C gets a solid three and a half from me. The sheet mask is a really good product and I definitely recommend it, but somehow I feel like it is missing something.




My Alchemiin Tip:

For an extra soothing effect, put your sheet mask into the refrigerator for a few minutes before using it. It will really give the sheet mask the relaxation effect you need after a hard day doing whatever.

I don’t feel like this particular mask necessarily needs to be put into the refrigerator as it is really cooling my itself, but it never hurts to do so.


I hope you enjoyed the read.  Love, Eden

2 thoughts on “Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Mask | Vita C – Review

  1. beautyonabudget94 says:

    I’ve never come across a Aritaum sheetmask. I’ve only tried a few of their makeup products ☺️ Besides seeing a Grapefruit one it also very new, but I love that there’s Vitamin C in it 🍊 I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t read ingredients as often as I should. I like to live life on the edge 😅 I don’t have the biggest expectations when buying sheetmask. As long as it moisturises my skin well, I’m good. If it delivers more, that’s when I get impressed 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • alchemiin says:

      I stumbled across them while I was in Seoul actually. It was a real bargain, as I got 20 sheet masks for 10$! 🙂 I bought most of them as presents for my friends but I just had to keep some of them for myself 😉
      I can totally relate. I never really read the ingredients before starting the blog but I have this annoying trait that forces me to know as much as I can about whatever I am talking about. ^^’ So little me started doing a lot of research on ingredients and its combinations. It is a lot of fun actally! 😉 But you don’t have to read all the ingredients, that is what I am here for! As the count of my posts grows the listing of ingredients will go up as well and you can always ask me – or dr. Google 😉 – if you are curious ❤

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment! I really love reading about the things that come to your mind while reading my posts. It makes me really happy to know that you took the time to write a comment ❤


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