Catrice Prime and Shine Eyeshadow Base – Review

Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base


How long does it take until your eye makeup starts smudging?
I hate, no absolutely loathe creating an eye makeup for whatever occasion and having it smudge or fade away before I even had the time to enjoy it.

I never used any sort of primer before I started taking makeup more seriously. With more intricate looks came more colour and with that there was a huge disappointment whenever these looks were ruined before they even had their time to shine.
Then a friend of mine recommended this primer to me and just last week I repurchased the very same product because I was so happy with it. That is also why I decided to make this little review.

Do you use normal primer, eye primer or no primer at all. What is your preference? I would love to know your primer recommendations or any of your personal holy grails.

The product:

Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base – 010


Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base




Why would you even need Eye Primer?
You have to think of your eyes like a canvas. You want your eyeshadow to be smooth and beautiful and stay like this for as long as possible. And to achieve that, you need the help of an eye primer. The excess oil on the eyelids can cause your eyeshadow to crease after a while or the application is patchy or uneven.
Primers with a beige, nude or white undertone can help even out unnatural undertones your eyelids might have. And, most obviously, it lengthens the makeups’ duration.


Isododecane: Is a texture enhancer used to heighten the spreadability of products like lipsticks or foundations, without feeling heavy. It helps minimising colour transfer.

Because it cannot be absorbed by the skin, the risk of any side effects like irritation occurring is rather low. Isododecane also had non-comedonal properties, which means a lack of clogging pores or acne development.

Talc: Is a naturally occurring mineral, that is a skincare absorbent that is generally considered safe.  It contains magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen.


The full ingredient list is linked form Catrice Cosmetics



How to use it:

After your daily morning routine, it is time to apply the Prime and Shine Base.  You can either use the small wand to directly apply primer onto your eyelids, or you put the product onto your fingertips and apply it like this.
You will only need a small amount, as too much just feels unpleasant and does not dry down as much as you would like to in order to continue with your routine. Start at the lash line on inner corner of the eyes and work your way to the outer edge of your brow with gentle tapping motions. If you plan to use eyeshadow on the lower lid, do spread some of the primer onto the wanted area.

Please be very gentle when tapping in the Eyeshadow Base or any other Product onto your eyes. The skin around the eye area is thin and easily hurt and I guess you like your eyesight. So you should treat your eyes just like that and rather use lots of gentle tapping notions instead of fast and harsh pats. The saying “Treasure it like the apple of my eye” has some truth in it you know. 

After finishing the application, give the Primer some time to settle. About a minute should do, but the product definitely needs some time to merge with your skin in order to work properly.

In the morning, this is the perfect time to drink that cup of coffee or tea, so that you will not waste your time and also avoid rushing through the essential steps of your makeup routine. 


Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base


 What it claims to do:

  • heightened eyeshadow colour intensity and longevity
  • light texture and a nude finish
  • smooth application

Linked and translated from the Catrice website



What it really does:


Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base



Well as far as primers go, this is definitely one of my favourites. It does intensify the colour in the sense of making the applied pigments more visible and the application smoother. The pigments do not blend as easily as before but they also do not fade away as easily as without the primer.

The texture is velvety and smooth, applying is somewhat of a pleasure with the Prime and Shine Eyeshadow Base. The colour is a bit on the greyish side and really light. For some people this colour might initially look too light, but it fades over time and with eyeshadow over the primer the tint will not matter anyway.
The good thing about the nude tint is that the primer helps even out the skin tone a bit.



The cons: 

Con 1: The amount of primer is not as much as I would like it to be. I did not even use it every day in the last few months, but it still ran out faster than any other makeup product I have been using in that time period. 5 millilitres can be quite much with other products, but for an eye primer this is a bit lacking if you ask me.
Alas, this is a drugstore product and the price is perfectly reasonable. For less than 4€ the amount is perfectly fine.

The pros: 

Pro 1: The primer really makes the whole eye makeup last longer and not crease as much. It does not work miracles, but definitely lengthens the looks lifespan for a few hours depending on the environment.

Pro 2: The texture is smooth and not at all unpleasant. After letting it settle onto your skin, it is like the primer was never there at all.

Pro 3: It works.



I never repurchase a product if I am not in dire need, or the product really convinced me of its quality. This is also the best proof I can give to you. Proof, that the Catrice Prime and Shine Eyeshadow Base is a really good product.



When I rate a product a four, it would be rated a five by anybody else. I really want to keep my five for my holy grails that just sweep me off my feet. But I was contemplating on actually awarding the Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base a five because it fulfils all of my expectations.




My Alchemiin Tip:

Instead of only using the Eyeshadow Base on your Eyes, you can also use it to better conceal pimples or whatever things you wish to hide form your fellow humanity.
Somehow hiding these things with concealer never really work out and even if it does at the beginning, in the end they are still visible as bright as day.

So, under your regular foundation and concealer mix, tap a small amount of eye primer onto the targeted area and then do your regular routine. Then set the whole thing with some powder and you should be good to go for some time.

Have you ever used Eyeshadow Primer anywhere else except for your eyes or do you prefer not using an extra primer at all?


As always, I hope you liked my review and feel free to tell me your thoughts.

Love, Eden.

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