Etude House Play 101 Stick | #08 – Review

etude house play 101 stick #08


Whether you go on a candlelight dinner and want to glow with every flicker of the fire or just want to shine with every single smile, highlighter strengthens that wonderful glow.

To be honest with you guys I never owned a highlighter until about two years ago – this was the first one I have ever used – and I never really had the wish to try it out either. Before I visited Japan and Korea I always saw highlighter as something… How do you say it? “Too Much”? 
The girls that used highlighter in my area kind of really overdid it and their cheeks and foreheads looked like they resided in another dimension. Mean, I know but back then I really thought of highlighter as something alien. 

When you were younger – or even now – have you ever thought of highlighter as something weird?

I guess the main difficulty with highlighter is the way you apply it and balancing the amount of product you use to go well with the rest of the makeup. I hope this review will help you to get some insights on this highlighter and the best ways to use it. As always, if you have any recommendations, feel free to tell me down in the comments.

The product:

Etude House 101 Play Stick  – 08

To be honest I really love swatch names, because can relate to them and remember them easier than just the swatch number.

There is also the fact that each swatch name tells a story rather than just being there. When I look at those names I get inspired to create a new look or du a certain makeup. I remember buying the “Fatal Burgundy” Aritaum palette because I absolutely loved the name (Which has to do with my embarrassing sense of humour) and even though I liked the colours too, it was the name that makes me happy every day. 
Are swatch names important to you or do you ignore them either way?


etude house play 101 stick #08

The packaging is is just like the whole Play 101 Stick line, pretty simple and easy to handle. One thing I really dislike is the pattern on the cap of the stick. The pattern itself is not the problem but the material of those waves. When you use the Play stick a lot, the cap gets really dirty and even after cleaning it twice I could not get it clean all the way.



I have been trying to find the ingredient list of the Play 101 Stick but for this particular swatch I did not really find much. You can look for yourself if you want to, on the Etude House Page and I will look out whether I can find an ingredient list later on.

How to use it:

The instructions say to use a finger to apply the product onto the places where colour is wanted, but I would like to add some personal tips to this rather short description.
First of all, if you ask me, the way you apply the highlight completely depends on the look you are going for and the amount of makeup you are wearing under the highlighter.

  • One way you can apply the Play 101 Stick is by gently swishing the stick over the wanted areas and strengthening the swishes towards the center area to create an even blend. This is the stronger way to use the highlighter and has the most visible effects.

This method also works best with a lot of makeup underneath because it won’t get smudged by your fingers too much. Just keep the swishes gentle.


  • Another way is by using your fingers to pat on the product, which creates a natural and even finish if done properly.

But there is the concern of smudging the makeup underneath. Tapping motions take a lot of time and swishing or using more pressure completely smudges the makeup.


  • My personal favourite, even though I always have to wash my brushes afterwards is using a fluffy blush-brush. With a bit of force put the highlighter onto the brush and then swish it over the areas of your face. This way it looks beautiful and most natural.

If you keep the motions light enough, you won’t smudge anything and will be able to build up the amount of highlighter.
But it may take some time if you really want to put on a larger amount of highlight. This may not be the right technique for someone who likes a larger amount of shine.


etude house play 101 stick #08



 What it claims to do:

  • A multi-function color stick for eyes, cheeks and lips
  • creates color impacts with smooth and sheer finish.


Etude House


What it really does:

On the Urcosme site I found a name for the #8 swatch. They called it “Pink Highlighter” which I agree and disagree with at the same time. The colour is a really pale pink if you can even call it pink and rather than really adding colour to the face it shines and adds some glow.

That could also be just me because my skin tone is even lighter than the highlighter. This is just speculation, but I think that even on people with darker skin this highlighter would not look pink per se., but rather a light rose if anything. 

The multi function part definitely fits, but I would not necessarily say that the claim for this certain swatch to be usable of the lips applies… I did find a way to utilise it to finish a look, so if you want to know that, you should definitely scroll down to the Alchemiin Tip part!

The finish of this product is not the best to be honest, because if you use too much product, the highlight tends to visibly clog the pores and look really unrefined. This is also why I like the application via brush so much. It prevents this clogging.


etude house play 101 stick #08



The cons: 

Con 1: The fact that the cap gets dirty so easily is really something I would rate as a negative point.
Personally I like my makeup clean and I also feel really embarrassed when I have to show this to someone and it is dirty. It feels like they could think that I do not clean my products. It looks unhygienic.

Con 2: The highlighter can clog up and look really unprofessional after some time. It is avoidable should you take enough care but I recommend keeping this in mind throughout the day.

Con 3: Stick concealers tend to do this, but if you wear makeup underneath the chance of it smudging is fairly high. I think stick products tend to work fairly well for people with nice skin because you won’t have to worry about smudging anything underneath.


The pros: 

Pro 1: The finish of this product – if applied correctly – is really beautiful and looks professional. You can achieve all kinds of atmospheres through one product, making it cute of mature, professional and playful.

Pro 2: The amount of product needed is not as much as expected and I have had this highlighter for about a year – I know, I know, sorry – now and I am still far away from running out.

Pro 3: The shape and size of the Play 101 Stick make it really easy to transport and you can easily put it into your bag.

etude house play 101 stick #08



I really like the Etude House Play 101 Stick, because you can use it in so many different ways and sometimes it feels like I just might find out something new the next time I use it and it makes me look forward to doing a makeup that matches the highlighter.




This is definitely no holy grail product but something I really like, not just because this is my very first highlighter, but because the name really fits the product. You can play around with it and find new ways to include it into a makeup. I would probably not immediately repurchase it after I have run out but rather once I finally noticed that I actually miss it and cannot live without it.


face 3 copy copy


My Alchemiin Tip:

I mentioned above that this highlighter swatch is not really something you can use for the lips, but I do use to from time to time to enhance my cupids bow and make my lips come across… how do you say it – a bit stronger because of the brightness of the colour while still adding enough cuteness with the glitter.

So, after applying your lipstick or liptint like usual, add some highlighter to the cupids bow and don’t hesitate to drag it upwards and then blend it with your fingers. It looks really pretty.



Somehow this review felt more personal than the stuff I did up until now. It was so much fun not only writing a objective review but also just typing down my thoughts to talk to you. It feels like a conversation.  

Love, Eden.

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