Taking Care Of Your Hands

skincare hands

The basics of nail art, just like with makeup, start with taking care of your hands and nails without even having used nail polish yet.

This post is all about how to take care of your hands and your nails on a daily basis, while still not having to do a lot of extra work.

When meeting new people – except for some areas in Asia and even there from time to time – you shake hands. When you hand something to people or when someone gives you something you have to touch, and you also touch your or their belongings. So you should clean your hands and regularly and take care of them.
You use them a lot right? So do not forget to show them your love. Also, if your have any tips or tricks, I would be delighted to read them down in the comments and add them to my skincare collection. 

During the day you touch so many things and are exposed to all kinds of germs and dirt, which is why you should wash them, but there is also the fact that your skin gets really dry from washing them too much. Difficult, right?

When washing your hands be careful not to strip away all of your natural oils on your hands. So instead of using really hot water and drying out your hands like that, use lukewarm water and rinse them gently.
We all do it right? Just take a paper and rub our hands in a hurry. Actually, that is kind of bad. Just imagine taking this paper and rubbing it all over the sensitive skin of your face… – I am shivering right now – Instead of doing anything too harsh, gently pat the paper over your hands until they are completely dry.

My personal recommendation is keeping a small hand towel with you whenever you go out. After doing this a few times, it will become a really convenient habit. I actually adopted this from my Japanese friends, as they always have a cute towel with them, sometimes even the guys. You can avoid the paper towels and have a cute accessory. 

Especially during the colder seasons, it is really important to keep your hands moisturised, creating a protective field and making them smooth and soft. Just like with cleansers, there is a big distinction between water based lotions and oil based creams.


Water based lotions:
Generally the feeling of this type of lotions is more lightweight and smoother, they also tend to show the effects earlier and soak in way faster. The problem with those is, that sometimes they do feel great at first but the water tends to evaporate and your skin will get dry again. In summer this might not be a problem, but during winter this can be a quite unfortunate trait.



Oil based creams:
Creams are thicker and the sticky feeling of having a cream on your hands will stay longer. They are longer lasting and the effects definitely more effective but the negative effects are also rather annoying. You cannot touch your computer or handy without leaving streaky residue everywhere.
The oil in the creams will hold the moisture inside your skin and keep them smooth and soft.

I already have a review of the cutest hand cream ever, so if you are interested you should check it out.

it's skin cookie & hand cream


In my opinion, water based lotions are better but I always have both in my skincare stash at home. Because oil based creams take so much time to dry and the residue makes it hard to work without making all my stuff dirty, which is just… uncomfortable… I tend to avoid them.
But as it was mentioned above, taking care of my hands is more important than feeling comfortable sometimes, so when I treat myself to some beauty time, I always use oil based creams and then laze around in my bed watching movies until everything has sunken in. I am sure I look kind of funny lying on a towel like that… 

w.dressroom moisturising perfume hand-cream

There is one ingredient I want you to watch out for when you buy a hand cream for daily use:

Humectants: These are ingredients that attract water – people tend to think they take it from the air and insert it into the skin but the probability of that happening is rather low – from the deeper layers of our skin and hydrating the surface.
But do take care, the wrong humectant can rob your skin of its hydration if you use it for a long time or too much.

Synthetic Humectants: The problem with synthetic humectants is that they take the moisture from the deeper levels of the skin without replenishing it. So, if you don’t want to accelerate your aging process any further you should stay away form them. Some examples of synthetic humectants are Propylene Glycol, Silicones or Urea.

Natural Humectants: This type of humectant is the best thing that can happen to your skin. They help attracting water to the skin and also deliver hydration to the deeper layers of your skin.
You already know many natural humectants: Honey, Aloe Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid.


But it is not only using a wrong cream that makes your skin so dry, but also the things you do with them during the day. Take washing the dishes for example: Rather than scrubbing the dirt with your bare hands, use gloves. At first it might be a bit uncomfortable, but you can also see it like that: You will not have to worry about your nail polish chipping or dirt getting under your nails.
Household cleaners can be rather harsh and there won’t be any use in using good creams when you practically ruin your skin by exposing it to cleaning products.


All in all, taking care of your skin is not just about creams and gloves, but also your lifestyle. If you eat healthy and take care of your body, your skin will reflect your healthy lifestyle and look just as pretty as you.

Somehow… After writing this post, it feels like I should treat my hands just like I treat my face: With a lot of love.

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