Pink Tank – Nail Tutorial

nail art

During hard times pretty nails can really brighten your mood and when you are down bright colours might just lighten the black cloud above your head.
So, instead of thinking dark thoughts do something that makes you happy.

Whenever I am studying really hard and worry about my grades I tend to play with my nails until they break or rip – I have never done that before this year, but I have been really stressed out and suddenly started doing this – I really love beautiful nails and have always taken care of my nails and I really hate it when they do not look like that.
Also I want to recommend a lovely blogger that always has really cute nails and gives me the inspiration to sit down and actually try some new looks. Go check her blog out at Hey Hunnyy!  and don’t forget to send her some love! 

So I did my first full on “fake-nail-look” and decided to share the steps with you:

Before starting with nail-art, you have to take care of your hands and nails in general, or the whole thing will not work out at all or rather they won’t stick at all. That is also the reason why I wrote about this last week before posting the tutorial, I recommend reading my post about Taking Care Of Your Hands.

fake nails

Start with prepping your nails: Remove all excess nail polish you might have on your nails and file them until they are clean and smooth. I advice doing this because your natural nails will not show under the fake nails.

The fake nails I used are from the brand Kiss, and I can really recommend them. All of my lashes are also from Kiss and I was never disappointed before. If you have any nail brands you can recommend, I would love to try it out.
But, you might consider getting another nail glue, because this one tends to dry out after some time. 

Use some nail glue and stick the fake nails onto your fingers but before attaching them, try them on and see which one fits the best.
Before filing your nails and getting them into shape, you need to decide what kind of design you have in mind. Whether it is round and  simple, box shaped or pointed… If you start filing without at least a vague picture in mind, nothing good will come out of it. Believe me.

fake nails

This nail look is really cute and gentle, so I recommend a rounder shape, like you can see in the third picture and to take your time, because this might take a while.

The next step is giving the nails a light rose-pink base colour – I used the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color because it is one of my holy holy grail nail polishes and I can only recommend you to try it. This should be my fifth bottle if I counted right – maybe even add a second layer should you feel like your nails need it.

Then use some clear coat – just a tad bit – and cover the bottom half of your nails with a sheer layer. It should be just enough that you can stick a small amount of clear glitter to them without having to worry about it falling off and making your whole workspace glitter until you move out or die.
I recommend having a sheet of paper under your hands and throwing it out once you are done. No procrastination, fold it in half (twice) and then chuck it into the dustbin. 

nail accessory

Once the paper was thrown out you can put on another, thicker layer of clear coat, this time covering your whole nails in it and then wait for it to dry.
You can either use a regular clear coat or a gel one. I recommend a gel topcoat because it looks more refined and professional in my opinion. Nowadays you can get a “fake gel polish” that does not need a UV nail dryer.
I have both, but for this post I wanted to show you my recommendation of a “fake gel polish” The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat is rather expensive but the quality and amount of product you get makes up for it. But because it does cost a small fortune I never buy anything but a clear top coat from this brand. 
You know what? One day I will write a post about my nail polish recommendations and the different types of polishes I know and use. I will link it here.

Please make sure that the polish has completely dried before moving onto the next step. This is really important because you will end up ruining the work you have done so far if the top coat smudges or breaks because it hasn’t dried when you start decorating.


Here comes the fun part: decorating
I started off with some rougher rose coloured glitter particles, spreading them on the lower edge of the nails. Next followed the bigger pink teardrop shaped rhinestones – I do not recommend putting the big elements onto every finger because it tends to look too much and the balance between the nails gets lost. Some nail artists can really rock big elements, but if you are a hobby nail fanatic like me, my advice would be limiting the stones to five max.-
And last but not least, add small black and pink stones wherever you think it might look good. The black stones are used to balance the pink out, even if it is just a bit, it does make a difference. Just try it out and see for yourself.


nail art

If you decide to follow my tutorial or have your own ideas I would be really honoured if you would share a picture with me and I do hope that you want to try it our for yourselves. 

Sadly, I am no nail artist or anything of the sort, I just really like pretty things, so I am sure I made a lot of mistakes. Please do not mind those and I hope you liked my tutorial either way. Happy Easter!

Love, Eden

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