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evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes

Everyone has the right to feel blue on some days. And it is on exactly these days I use beautiful, bright and cute makeup to lighten up my mood.

Dolly Eyes – Because you will look cute and girly and your eyes will look bright and doll like. People will see your happiness even if you cannot see it just yet.

Before starting the “walkthrough” I would like to recommend using cool toned colours for the makeup itself because it is a really glowy dewy look with a lot of glitter and colour on the cheeks and eyes.
I tired the whole look with warm toned products and it had a completely different mood: While the orange and pink cool toned makeup is a combination of cute and glamorous, having a a classy and dominant air, the warm pinks are an explosion of cuteness and girly-ness on a whole new level. If you like that: Go for it! But I feel like it is just a bit too much.





evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes

Dolly Eyes – Makeup Tutorial

The foundation for this look should be dewy instead of matte not only because it suits the mood of the makeup but the glow foundation will also blend better with the creamy blushes that will be used later.


evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes

For the first step, after applying eye primer, create a rose-orange base from the middle of your upper lid, going outwards and then connecting this with the outer third of your lower lid using the same colour.

To match the whole dewiness concept, use a stick eyeshadow or a cushion blush or a really creamy cream blusher.


evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes
Using a glittery pink shadow add colour on the outer corners – both upper and lower lid, blending it into the creme base.
If you have some problems blending the two products with their different texture with a brush, use your fingers to blend with gentle tabbing motions.


evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes
Using the same shadow, draw a dot on the middle of your lower lid. You can either do that with your pinky finger or a small brush – This will be the base for the last step, so keep that in mind and do not apply too much eyeshadow even if  you want the dot to glitter.


Take an orange cream- or stick shadow, spread it on your brow bone and  gently blend it towards the center, ending at the the upper part of your lid.



evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes
Add the same colour on the tip of your nose just gently dabbing it into a nice blend either with your fingers or a dampened beauty blender..
Then make two strokes on your cheeks, starting on your nose bridge and going outwards. It should fade at the middle of your cheeks and smoothly transit into step 7.

Whether you should use a blender or your plain fingers depends on the texture of your base makeup and the shadow, so try out which one works best for you. In my experience a dewy base with a creamy blush blends best with the help of a moist beauty blender. You can also use lipstick and carefully blend it in. 


evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes
Taking the same colour used for the eyeshadow base in step 2, apply a rosier colour with a beauty blender starting outwards and going inwards. I recommend a beauty blender because it works best with a dewy foundation and creates a natural finish.
This creates a lovely colour balance and if done right has a slight light space exactly where the glitter dot is placed on the lower lid.


evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes
I used a thin purple liquid liner – but black works just as well – winging it straight out without any extra curl or anything. The look is already special enough without it.


evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyes
Use pink lipstick or liptint on the inner part of your lips, gently blending it into nothingness and then add an extra dash of colour on your corners. The additional colour on the edges adds some depth to your lips.


evens diary makeup tutorial dolly eyesNow we are back at the pink dot in the middle of your eye: Here comes the dramatic effect and the statement piece of the whole look. Glitter
With some petroleum jelly or lipgloss as glue, add a small amount of dark pink glitter particles onto the area you earlier applied the shadow at.

What I love most about the whole combination is the fact that the colours balance each out so well. Even the glitter does not look improper and you can definitely run around with glitter and nobody – or at least normal people – will look at you strangely. 


Edens’ Tip:

I normally blend my concealer with my fingers because it seems to blend best and I am lazy, but whenever I want that really dewy, moist, glowy, healthy “chokchok” radiance – I guess you get the gist – I use my beauty blender.
Not just my regular blender, but a really soft and extra moisture absorbing fluffy beauty blending sponge practically soaked with water and then wrung out.

What you need to be careful about, is whether your concealer or foundation works with a moist beauty bender or the product gets caky to breaks down after a while. This happened to me once and it really looks quite unflattering – which is put nicely.


Here we are. This was my first lookbook entry and I hope you enjoyed it. If you like it or have something you think I could improve, do tell me down in the comments and I promise I will – figuratively – die should you actually decide to recreate this look. If so, you need to send me a picture. 

Love, Eden

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