Mascara Wands

Mascara wand hack

Most of us have a favourite mascara brand or that one product that makes our lashes beautiful and just perfect. But – as everything tends to do – one day we will run out of product or the mascara will expire and we have to repurchase the very same one or search for a new holy grail.

But what to do when you cannot get the very same product again?

I have tried lots of different mascara brands, some waterproof, others not. I like all – most – of them, but the wands of those products do not always fit my tastes and then I feel like I cannot use the mascara at all.
Which is untrue: If you have one mascara you like with a brush that sucks, switch it up with a wand you love. 


mascara wand hacks

The only thing you should keep an eye on is the state of the wand used. You wash your makeup brushes and puffs but do you clean your mascara wands? Those come dangerously close to your eyeball every time you apply colour to your lashes, so cleaning them should be a priority.
Also, every time you switch up your mascara you should wash the wand you use. Or throw it away and purchase a new one. Just keep your eyes safe.

I do not really want to sound like a hypocrite. And me preaching sure gives that impression but to be honest with you guys I did not really wash my mascara wands on a regular basis until I had to pay the price of my negligence:
I got an really bad eye infection once and it hurt like hell. My eyes would tear up all the time and I had this awful burning sensation for a few days. After that I could not apply any makeup on my eyes and the surrounding area without smudging the whole thing and hurting all over again.

I do not wish anybody an eye infection or worse but I can also understand that other things are just more important than cleaning brushes. So my perfect recommendation for an ideal world would be once a week (cough cough – every day), but in reality I ask you to do so once a month. With that you should be alright.

mascara wand hacks


This is the first of many random thoughts I had while doing my makeup and I really hope that somebody finds this even remotely helpful. 

Love, Eden

4 thoughts on “Mascara Wands

  1. beautyonabudget94 says:

    Honestly I’ve washed my mascara wands before 😕 I think I’m quite at being aware of how long my mascaras have been opened for. But I also understand once you get a infection, you’re much more aware and catious

    Liked by 1 person

    • alchemiin says:

      I completely overlooked your comment. I am so sorry!
      I regained some hope in humanity! No really, you are the first one to tell me that they have washed their mascara wands.


    • alchemiin says:

      The same thing happened to me!! This is also the reason I have so many wands do photograph 😉 Did you throw away your favourite mascara already? If not you can clean and reuse the brush ^^


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