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Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin

What do you see when you look up at the moon? I always found the pale moonlight magical. I have often found inspiration when looking at the moon, and when I created this makeup I wanted to capture some of its mysterious shine.

Miss Moon – With this makeup I wanted to create a look that matches the nighttime glow of the moon with perfect precision. I hope to a certain degree I caught the look of Lady Moon.

Before starting the “walkthrough” I would like to add that you need to work with cool toned colours to make this makeup look like the moon. I tried it with warmer colours, but the whole atmosphere of the makeup will change – as most of you might have already guessed.


Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin


Miss Moon – Makeup Tutorial

Because the makeup is supposed to have an serendipitous mood, the foundation should conceal the natural “flaws” – they are not really flaws, I just decided to call them such for now – like blackheads, pimples and freckles. As always, I like to keep the makeup light and natural looking, so I recommend a dewy foundation of your preference.


Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin
After prepping and priming start off the eye makeup with a really light grey, blending it upwards into your natural crease and towards the middle of your eye.
As this is only the first layer, you do not need to worry about perfect blending or anything like that.


Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin
To build up depth use darker grey tones and blend them into the lighter tones. Put the focus of the colour onto the lash line and gently circle it upwards and inwards just a bit. Let the tip thin out at the end where your eyeliner will later wing out.

You can imagine the dark grey shadow as a connection or your crease and your lash line, fanning outwards.


Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - AlchemiinMoving onto the “moonshine”, use a cold-toned gold liner. Add a dab of liquid onto the inner corner of your eyes and blend it outwards with your finger. This time you can blend well over the crease and do not worry about perfectly blending it with the grey just jet.

I used a liquid eyeliner, but you can also use cream shadow or liquid eyeshadows, whatever it is you own and prefer, but I would not recommend using powder-eyeshadow for this step. We will need it later on.


Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin

Using the liner, wing it out, trying – yes I said trying because we all know what a hassle eyeliner can be – to make the wing a straight extension of your natural eyeliner and then gently moving it upwards just a bit.
Now we have an eye-catching, beautiful negative liner which makes the grey base look darker and more prominent than before.



Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin
In the last step, I told you not to worry about blending and here is why: With a shimmery cold gold light powder shadow, blend the light grey with the gold at the centre of your eyelid.

My personal recommendation this time is the Nyx Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow palette, which has a stunning cold toned gold which works perfectly for our purpose.  


Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin

Keep the contouring smoky and blend it out well. So no cheekbones that can cut glass, but rather a soft hint of shadow. To add to the general mood, using a cold toned contouring would work very well but of course, this also depends on your skin tone.

If warm toned contouring suits you better, apply it as you usually would and then just use a small dash of cold toned product and blend it with the contouring. Like this, you can set the mood too.




Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin
For the final steps, take a cold light gold blusher or highlighter if you have one, or use the same eyeshadow you used on your eyes – Both works just fine.
With a highlighting brush, apply the colour over your contouring and the tip of your nose. Additionally, you can also dap a small bit onto your cupids bow.


Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin
Lipstick is not really a must for this look, but I have used both rose tones and nudes. My favourite so far is a cold toned lavender but who knows, maybe you have a lipstick recommendation that is perfect for this look?

Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin

I took those pictures in the spur of the moment so I apologise for the bad quality


Edens’ Tip:

Rather than using black for the smoky part of Miss Moon, I recommend grey hues, as a true black does not fit the image of a soft, whimsical look.
If you want to add black or do not own a dark grey, just mix the black with a light grey and try blending it on your wrist before applying it to your eyes. This way you will achieve the same effect.

Miss Moon Makeup Tutorial - Alchemiin

This is my second online lookbook entry. I hope you enjoyed it and I would be really honoured if you would use my work as an inspiration for your looks. Have a lovely week and stay awesome!

I had to repost this because somehow this time the post did not work out for some particular reason. Let’s hope that the second time does the trick. ❤

Love, Eden

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