A’PIEU | 24/7 Powder Fixer – Review

Apieu 24/7 powder fixer review

All right, so you are finally finished with your makeup and it took you ages to do it. What now? Go out and just wait for it to melt off your face before you even get to appreciate it properly?
Preventing this is what setting products are for. And as this is serious business, we should only accept the best of the best. Maybe the A’Pieu Powder Fixer is exactly what we need.

To be honest I was not the biggest fan of setting products until recently. They are expensive, mostly translucent and seemingly do not do anything at all. So why would I want to spend money on it?
I saw the Powder Fixer on a Black Friday sale ages ago and decided “why not, I should give it a chance”. And now I cannot imagine living without it. It is in my bag, pocket, drawer – wherever I am, the powder fixer is never far. 

Do you have any setting powder or spray that is your personal lifesaver? Spill all the info down in the comments, I want to know.

The powder fixer did not come in a wrapping other than some bubble foil, but as far as I could see it was perfectly fine and the powder did not break or crumble at all. But I can see why this would bother some, as a lack of wrapping always poses a higher risk of the product breaking.


The product:

Apieu 24/7 powder fixer reviewA’Pieu – 24/7 Powder Fixer Lasting Finish

The packaging of the A’pieu powder is pretty simple. The little Powder Fixer is pressed into a round case and the white fluffy cushion is protected by a plastic case. The cushion is just about palm-sized and there is also a perfect little round hand mirror.
They did revamp the logo design to be a more simplified black and white design. It looks better than the old version but also less playful. 

The logo and graphic design in itself are not the best and the white of the casing is pretty near the beginning but gets dirty very quickly. But all of this can be excused, as the product design and usability are just perfect. The sizing is good and the mirror works like a normal hand mirror. Another positive is the fact that the Puff does a good job separating the powder and the mirror, so it does not get as dirty as other cushion cases might.



Formulated with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, green tea extract, moisturizing powder and sebum-absorbing powder

This time I give up, I cannot find an ingredient list for the Powder fixer other than the ones I have copied from Yesstyle.com. Sorry. If I ever do end up finding one, I’ll update it.
Hyaluronic Acid: This is one of the ingredients you should keep a look out for as it is a “glycosaminoglycan”  (its role is to support collagen and elastin fibres including helping them sustain moisture levels) and a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air (or more usually from the deeper levels of your skin) into the surface of your skin.
Basically, it just has the ability to retain a lot of moisture. It is GOOD stuff.

Niacinamide: Often found in shampoos and moisturisers, Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is used to restore suppleness and even out uneven skin tones or fine lines.
It is one of the fundamental ingredients in Anti-Aging Products and can also help lower environmental damage done to your skin.
Fun fact, you can also find it in eggs, milk, cereal and some veggies. Who would have thought, huh? 

Green tea extract: Yes you read right. The trendy Green Tea also invaded the skincare and makeup world.
Well, to be fair that is not actually true. Green Tea has skin-soothing and anti-aging properties. It is a rather powerful anti-oxidant which helps the skin protect itself from pollution.


How to use it:

1. Apply onto puff and smooth along the texture of skin.
2. Then, pat to increase adherence.


I absolutely am for using the cushion puff to apply the Powder Fixer onto your face but I would not “smooth along the texture of skin”. Rather than doing that, I recommend moving over to step two straight away.
If your makeup is not completely set yet, and you are too forceful with the puff you might not only smudge your makeup but also stain the fluffy cushion puff.

Also, please do not forget to wash the puff. I sometimes end up forgetting and don’t wash it alongside my brushes but imagine all the stuff that is on the puff. Old makeup, sweat, bacteria and the powder – Ugh. 

Apieu 24/7 powder fixer review



 What it claims to do:

  • Prevents makeup from melting due to sweat and sebum
  • Light-reflecting particles make skin look smooth and radiant.




What it really does:

I do not have oily skin so I cannot speak for people whose skin type is oily, but on the days I am a tad oilier than usual the 24/7 Powder Fixer does solve my problems. It definitely sets makeup and does prevent a slight oily shine.

As for the duration of said setting effect, it definitely lasts for a long time. I trust my makeup to be set and ready to go in the morning and look good after a long day of work, uni or clubbing, no matter what. With that being said I would only say that this works for makeup, not shadows. The powder dulls down the colour and shine if used on eyeshadows and highlighters. My eyeshadow still fades during the day, sadly I have not found a way to prevent this yet, and the Powder Fixer is definitely not the way to do it.




The cons: 

Con 1: Once it breaks, you are done for. It will crumble and spread everywhere, I would recommend leaving it at home and not moving it at all.

Con 2: If you primarily use matte, full coverage makeup, this might not suit your preferred style or look because the white powder, even though it is mostly see-through will dull down your makeup and your face might end up looking very cakey and makeup heavy.


The pros: 

Pro 1: The size of the Powder is perfect for putting it in pockets and bags to take it with you. It is perfectly shaped for your hands and holding it while using the puff.

Pro 2: The mirror is clean and will stay clean most of the time. This gives it a huge advantage to the usual cushion concealers that get oily over time.
If you are looking for a small perfect pocket mirror with your setting powder, this is the product for you.

Pro 3: It works. There are not many setting products that work that well if you ask me. And it does not have any fragrance that might deter anyone who is sensitive to smells.


Apieu 24/7 powder fixer review



If you ask me, this is a holy-holy grail item. The A’pieu 27/7 Powder Fixer is not just a pretty decent setting powder, but the case is also the perfect size, fits into most pockets, bags and clutches to touch up on your makeup during the day or evening. The mirror is clear and the Fixer is perfect for “powdering your nose” 😉


Alchemiin Beauty Blog Reviews

Would I recommend it? Yes definitely. But, if you are a huge fan of matte and full coverage makeup, this Powder Fixer might not be the ideal item to set your makeup. For dewier, shiny products, it is excellent and I can only recommend it for controlling which areas of your face have which degree of shine.
Once I run out, I will definitely repurchase the A’pieu 24/7 Powder Fixer.




My Alchemiin Tip:

There is another way to apply the A’Pieu 24/7 Powder Fixer except for the puff. I like to use a fluffy blusher-brush to set my makeup in places I don’t really need dense setting powder or do not crease.
Using a lighter hand and the fluffier brush will let you keep some lovely shine while still setting everything in place.



How is your week going so far? I have had quite a busy month so far, planning my summer holidays and attending (or skipping – don’t do that) classes. I’m working hard on the blog and really hope you like my new posts and the new stuff I added ❤

Love, Eden

2 thoughts on “A’PIEU | 24/7 Powder Fixer – Review

  1. beautyonabudget94 says:

    I’ve tried one Korean powder in my life and since then I haven’t gone back 😂 It was supposed to be a translucent powder but it just made me look grey and ghostly 😩 The description of this powder does sound quite nice ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • alchemiin says:

      That’s exactly why I avoided them for so long. Just the thought of looking like a ghost scares me hahaha. 😂
      To be fair, I am already very pale, so it might be more difficult for me to look ashy… hmmm something to look into

      Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for the comment love ❤


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