Nature Republic | Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm – Review

Nature republic Himalaya salt cleansing balm review

Makeup or no makeup we can all agree that clean skin feels beautiful and when we feel beautiful, we look beautiful.
And the first step to creating good skin is cleansing, whether it is to wash off a days’ worth of ‘life’ or to remove the boldest party look. A part of achieving beautiful skin is choosing a good cleanser – so let’s start comparing and sharing

I am not much of an impulse shopper. Or rather someone who only buys on something I like to call “planned-impulse” – I tend to know that I need or want a certain product, such as clothes, shoes or a certain type of makeup, but I refuse to buy the first thing I see. I would rather wait until I find something that interesting enough to get emotionally attached to it and then buy it.

This is what happened when I was wandering through TK Maxx – I had been browsing the internet comparing reviews and prices of cleansers for more than two months when I stumbled over this gem and immediately liked the product design and description so much that I chucked it into my shopping basket – Worth it

Cute, soft and dewy were the first few words that came to my mind when I looked at the packaging. But even more attractive than that was the price if I am being honest – 10$ to 15$ for the seemingly big jar seemed like a bargain to me.

What is your favourite cleanser? Any products you cannot live without? Or the other way round, anything you can definitely live without ever seeing it again? I’d love to hear about it down in the comments!


The product:

Nature republic Himalaya salt cleansing balm review

Nature Republic – Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm

Packed in a simple but more than sufficient card box, the design of the initial wrapper seems minimalistic and very well designed at a first glance but is rather packed when taking a closer look.
Both the front and top of the box are minimalistic and well kept with fonts which are very easy to read and the sans serif style has the effect of the product looking and feeling clean – a feeling a designer aims to associate with a cleanser. The product description and ingredient list, however, seems very cramped and stuffy, especially when it is put right next to the fronts’ abundance of whitespace.

A positive that comes from printing all the ingredients and instructions on the wrapper is the fact that it is not needed on the actual product, which helps the product design immensely. The jar is, just like the box, held in soft tones with a soft pink to off white gradient and the same simple and clean font.
The jar is very solid and holds enough weight to be associated with a high-quality product but is still light enough to retain the airy feeling achieved by the design. The cleanser itself is kept clean by having a little extra plastic top between the lid and the balm, which also has enough space for the little spatula that comes with the Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm.


I put the wrapper somewhere… somewhere in my room… I hope. If I do find it when I move from my current accommodation into my new flat I will recheck whether this is everything that goes into the Pink Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm but for now, I got the ingredient list from CosDNA.

Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Mineral Oil, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, PEG-10 isostearate, Polyethylene, C13-15 Alkane, Eclipta Prostrata Extract, Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Water, Trihydroxystearin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium chloride, Fragrance

Ethylhexyl Palmitate: This wax-like, odour- and colourless fatty alcohol is also known as Octyl Palmitate and is often used to smoothen the skin and make it look soft and silky. It has no known negative effects on the skin but during my research, I did find mention of possible irritation if it comes into contact with your eyes.
This ingredient is especially good for people who have dry and or flaky skin – as mentioned above, the emollient can smoothen skin and make it feel very soft and supple. 

I find it very interesting that the first ingredient of the Cleaning Balm is very beneficial for dry and flaky skin, as there are two different types of Nature Republic cleansers and the one I am reviewing, the pink one, is advertised as a product for combination skin.


Mineral Oil: Mineral oil has a bad reputation, being derived from petroleum which is known for having bad effects on your skin. With that being said, it is not a bad skincare ingredient as it gets purified before becoming the emollient we see in our ingredient lists.
On the contrary, mineral oil is an extremely effective moisturiser with soothing properties which are beneficial for your skin.
Cetyl Ethylhexanoate: Used as a skin conditioning agent and or emollient that makes the skin feel smooth and less flaky, it also achieves a smoother look in makeup and enhances its spreadability. It is often found in lipsticks, lip- and eyeliners and eyeshadows as it makes is smoother and adds a certain amount of water repelling properties.

How to use it:

1. Take a proper amount of water (I assume they mean cleanser?) into your hands without water
2. Gently massage it as if cleansing
3. Wash it with lukewarm water or wipe it with tissue

Taken from Nature Republic USA


Technically speaking this is all you might need to know to use the cleanser, but as per usual a few add ons might help you enhance the effects of your skin care regimen.
There is no such thing as a set amount of cleanser used to remove makeup but the rule of thumb goes – the more makeup and the stronger the products, the more cleanser is needed to properly remove it. But using too much product might just end up being a waster of cleanser and money.
I would recommend half to three-quarters of the spoon if you are using the spatula or a fingertips’ worth of cream if you are looking to remove a regular amount of makeup, a full spoon’s worth on a night out clubbing. I have never needed more and doubt that this amount fails to remove most of the stuff from your face.

As for wiping cleansing balm and the remaining makeup away with a tissue, I would not recommend doing this unless you have no access to water or you don’t really have a bathroom at hand (then again, rather than a cleanser, I would recommend makeup wipes in this situation) Rubbing your face with tissues might not only irritate your skin, water is also more effective in removing residual makeup.


Nature republic Himalaya salt cleansing balm review

 What it claims to do:

  • Sherbert soft melt to remove dark makeup with cleansing balm for clear and fresh skin
  • Sorbet-type cleanser to remove heavy makeup and impurities from skin
  • For combination skin type
  • Cleanses even the heaviest make up by gently dissolving like a sorbet while delivering moisture and evening skin tone


Nature Republic US


What it really does:

The Pink Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm is odourless, which makes it perfect for those of you who do not enjoy strong fragrances in their cleansers. Moreso than makeup, perfume in cleansing products can feel rather unpleasant, seen as it is spread and massaged all over the face.

As for the performance – It does the job, but I have seen better. The cleansing balm is smooth and takes care of most regular makeup such as eyeshadows and lipsticks but will struggle against removing certain eyeliners and mascara. It is easy to wipe away any remaining makeup with a little extra help but it would definitely be better if that was not necessary.
Combining the Nature Republic Cleansing Balm with a Water Based Cleanser will get you the best results, but I can see that this might be too much of a hassle for many of you.

Skincare wise, it performs great on dry or very strained skin. I have noticed that when not using it and being stressed, my skin got worse than it does when I am stressed but keep up the cleansing routine.
But again, it does not do any wonders and could be replaced with other, more effective cleanser perhaps. But the feeling the cleanser leaves after using it is incredibly pleasing. Soft to the touch, very supple and incredibly smooth, there is nothing that speaks against buying a product that feels as good as this does.

As for the skin type statement, I think it is pretty matching to say that the Balm is most effective on combination skin type. Lately, my skin type has changed to combination, as I have a very dry nose, but oily skin and forehead and the Nature Republic product works well in my favour.



The cons: 

Con 1: The claim that this cleanser can remove even the heaviest skin types is a bit too much, as there are certain waterproof items that give the cleanser a hard time and need some extra attention or an additional cleanser

Con 2: You cannot place this cleanser inside the shower without the product reacting in a weird fashion – after a while, the cleanser starts separating into two different substances, one of them some water like liquid and the other very oily balm.


The pros: 

Pro 1: It most certainly removes makeup to a satisfactory degree. I have never had any problems getting rid of daily makeup looks and other things negatively affecting my skin during the day.

Pro 2: A lack of fragrance is very nice in cleansing products, as rubbing products with a strong smell all over your face makes for a rather unpleasant experience.

Pro 3: The Product to price balance is very well made, especially if you buy it during a sale or like me from places like TK Maxx (Take care if you do)

Nature republic Himalaya salt cleansing balm review


The Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm is a good cleanser and deserves praise. I would not say that it is the perfect cleanser and I would not go out of my way to find it again in the shops but it worked for me and I did spend quite some time gushing over it.
Therefore I would give the Cleansing Balm a confident 3.5 out of five and leave you with a review.


Alchemiin beauty Blog Reviews

Would I recommend it? Yes without hesitation. I would happily tell anyone that it is a decent product that you can effectively use in your day to day life and your skin will feel all soft and fluffy.
Will I repurchase it? Probably not to be honest. Not because it is not a good product, but it is not something I would insist on keeping if I can buy something new and review it for you guys.
(I might have forced my partner to use it just to prove my point and after a lot of struggle against the cleanser because, and I quote “I already have good skin, why would I need any products on my face?!”, he reluctantly agreed that the cleanser feels nice – Win for Eden!!) 



Nature republic Himalaya salt cleansing balm review

Ignore the weird face, I look wayy to serious in all of the other pictures I took ehe. Hi xx


My Alchemiin Tip:

Rather than application tips, I have a location-based Alchemiin tip – I have noticed, as I mentioned above, that placing this cleanser inside the shower or on a sink next to a shower will make it separate and go a bit “wonky”

I know that it is common practice to keep cleansers in the bathroom, as it is easy to access them there and they are used with water but after keeping it there for a week I noticed that my cleansing balm started separating into a very oily cleanser and a watery substance. This does not affect the effectiveness of the balm but the feel of your skin after washing it off is very oily and not that pleasant.
Therefore I would recommend storing it somewhere outside the bathroom, maybe in a shelf closeby and, if that is not an option, as far away from the shower as possible.



It’s been ages since I have posted here. I am really sorry for dropping off the map, I was busy with my second semester at uni, friends, relationships, and just generally organising life.
I lost some of my motivation to do makeup lately and I have neglected my skincare routine too, which is why I did not want to write any reviews that were not a 110% genuine and lack research. But now that I actually have my fight back I want to create reviews better than ever. Xx
PS.: I decided to make a little logo for the blog and redesign the colours and when I previewed this review the colour scheme of this post and my overall design matched and it genuinely is the most satisfying thing ever!!!


Love from Scotland, Eden

4 thoughts on “Nature Republic | Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm – Review

  1. Glaiza Binayas says:

    Sounds like a good product, too bad I haven’t seen this in a NR shop near me. Or maybe I just missed it. I’d love to try this, though. 🙂 How cute is your hair too! I’ve been wanting to have pink hair as well, but I’m still thinking if I should have it. haha

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  2. alchemiin says:

    It it really decent, if you see it you should check it out. I am against spendign too much money on makeup (most of the time, sometimes I just cannot help myself 😛 )

    Hahaha aww I’m blushing. Thank you so much for the compliment hehe. I dye it all the time, going from white to blue to pink to orange, it’s really fun. You should, it would look so awesome! ❤


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