Who Am I?

alchemiin beauty blog eden

Who am I? 

I am Eden, a 19-year-old, weird, globe-trotting university student, doing game-design in the UK. I got into beauty a few years ago and my passion really took off after spending a lot of (wayy to much) money during a Korea trip.

Before going into Games, I studied Graphic Design for five years and really got into photography, psychology and communications. One of my biggest passions other than the career path I chose, is languages and travelling so I decided to try and improve my English skills by writing a blog. Add to that my love of product photography (which I really need to improve) and makeup and you have Alchemiin.

I love the fact that you can do anything with makeup and there is something for everyone. Starting with quick and easy skincare to 20-step routines, no makeup-makeup or glamorous strong looks –  you can do anything you wish. The only thing that stops you is your imagination (and my lacking stash of makeup and my lack of skill) 

I collect makeup religiously, starting with only k-beauty and then branching out to absolutely everything I can get my hands on. Hair, makeup, nails, skincare… At some point, I really want to start a food blog because to me its a part of a “beautiful” lifestyle.

To me, as a beauty blogger, I should not only talk about makeup by itself but everything that makes us as a person look and feel beautiful.


alchemiin beauty blog edenWhat is Alchemin about? 

I want Alchemiin to be a hotpot of everything beauty related. From skincare tips and tricks to nail-polishes and the stuff I do with them and obviously everything makeup.
Not only Western makeup or only K-beauty but just Everything from Everywhere.

If there is anything you, as the reader of this, want me to write about you can just tell me and I most likely will. 


alchemiin beauty blog eden

Why do I write the way I write?

I never planned for my posts to turn out the way they did but I have been at it for a year now and things have slowly started settling. I am very happy with the way I structure the reviews for now and the rest… well that is still a work in progress I guess 😉

The Product – 
I am and always will be a Designer. It is in my blood to appreciate good product design, so it is only natural for me to comment on the packaging of the products I review.
And I have to admit that a lot of the products I own have won me over with their cute or fancy design… I am a sucker for pretty things, ehe

Ingredients –
The more I got into this whole blogging thing, the more I started wondering about the “What is actually in my stuff” and so I started researching it just for myself. I bought books on skincare and skincare ingredients and branched out into makeup not much later. I am no professional, so most of the time I had to dumb down the articles I read to a level I could actually work with.
And if I am already writing that stuff down for myself, why not share it with all of you?

How To Use It-
I test all of my products for at least a few months before I write a review, most of them are basically empty by the time I start my review.
And some products take some time for me to get the hang of so I would write a negative or even untrue review if I did not take the time to actually get to know my products.

Sometimes there are no instructions for a product or I have a different (better nyahahah) way of application I would like to share with you guys.


What It Claims To Do – What It Really Does –
Beauty products always have some miracle claims that just sound too good to be true. So I made it my mission to see whether they are true or not.

Summary – 
I would love to imagine everyone reading everything I write but I know how reality looks like:
           ‘Inside the store looking at a product… “Let me just do a quick check and see              .           what the internet says” Scrolls to the end of the review’

So I have a quick summary for this exact reason. And it makes it easier for me to reach a somewhat neutral final verdict.

My Alchemiin Tip:
While working with the products I own and using them on a nearly daily basis I oftentimes notice some small quirks about the item that achieve better, different or just interesting results.

I decided to make this my strongest Unique Selling Point. Think about it, have you never talked to a friend and gone: “have you ever tried using a makeup brush instead of the sponge it comes with?! It works sooooo much better!”?
This is what the Alchemiin Tip is supposed to be. 



I hope you enjoyed this little trip into my brain and the workings of my blog. If there is anything you want to know or any weird comment you wish to share with me, feel free to mail me, drop a comment or slide into my Instagram DM’s

Love, Eden