A’PIEU Eye Glitter | Glitter Ball – Review

A'Pieu Eye Glitter Review


Glitter is something for small girls, right? Glitter cannot be elegant or stunning, right? Wrong.
If you have the right product there is nothing that looks more beautiful than small shining glitter pigments – on your eyes, nose, your shoulders, wherever you want.

This was my first really “liquid anything” product and I was really looking forward to trying it out. And it did take me some time to work out the kinks but now I will even wear it to give my “diploma thesis presentation”-look the final touch. (Quick update: I totally misplaced the Eye Glitter at the time of the presentation :’) BUT I wore it to prom, if that counts)

Do you have any liquid eyeshadows you like or a favourite glitter shadow? Any recommendations or have you ever tried this particular product?

In comparison to the regular eyeshadow, liquid shadows are more difficult to apply and blend perfectly. They usually tend to stay longer but also dry a lot faster and then will not budge after drying. I asked some of my friends whether they used liquid products before and what they think about the ease of use and they shared my opinion, though one recommended liquid blushes because “they are really easy to use”.

The product:

A’Pieu Eye Glitter – Glitter Ball

The packaging of the A’pieu shadow is a mix of playful and sophisticated. The black cap gives the see-through bottle a more mature atmosphere. Because it is so see-through it is easy to view the colour of the shadow and how much you have left. But because the label of A’Pieu is so thin you practically cannot see it, which is annoying if you want to see the brand and not the best thing to do from a product designers viewpoint.

The shadow costs around 6$, which is really cheap if you think of the amount of eyeshadow you get and how long you use it for.

A'Pieu Eye Glitter Review



Water, Glass, Alcohol, Acrylates Copolymer, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Titanium Dioxide, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Pentylene Glycol, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Mica, Phenoxyethanol, 1,2-Hexanediol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Xanthan Gum, Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide, Disodium EDTA, Silica, Trehalose, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, Butylene Glycol, Amethyst Powder, Pearl Powder, Ruby Powder, Tourmaline

I linked the ingredient list from Missha and they did say that this product had no key ingredients, which is understandable. Glass is apparently used as an opacifying agent, but that is also everything I found out.


How to use it:

There are no instructions on how to use the A’Pieu Eye Glitter, but I definitely recommend using my experience – or lack thereof – as a guideline or starting point. No use in making the same mistakes as I did right?
If you have some experience I would love to hear your recommendations and secret tricks. Just leave them down in the comments. 

  • The amount of product you need and the amount you think you need differ greatly. In order to prevent smudging the glitter all over your face, take the doe foot and dab a small portion of the glitter onto the back of your hand, using your fingers to apply it to your face.Or, if you want to use another method, instead of using your finger take a flat brush. But you should be aware of the fact that the brush has to be cleansed thoroughly before you can use it for anything non glittery. That stuff sticks to your brushes like a leech.


  • Use the A’Pieu glitter right after applying primer, letting it dry down a bit and only then continuing with the regular makeup.
    The eye glitter tends to smudge any kind of powdery shadow you might have used before this product and leaves a disgusting splat where no colour will adhere after that.
    I totally ruined my makeup the first time I used the glitter and that was coincidentally also the evening I was invited to a really fancy restaurant for dinner. Yep, I nearly cried…


  • Also, instead of rubbing the glitter, gently dab it on, spreading the product outwards with the same patting motions. If you want a second layer of glitter, let the first dry and then apply the second one in the same manner as the first.

A'Pieu Eye Glitter Review



 What it claims to do:

  • Water base, with glitter and pearl particles, provides a cooling effect on the eyes
  • Superior adherence keeps glitter in place, even when wet
  • Doe-foot applicator provides for easy application to the inner eye corners and waterline




What it really does:


To be honest, I definitely did not feel a cooling effect. Yes, the Eye Glitter is water based and it contains alcohol, but I would not call it cooling or anything like that. The only thing worth mentioning in regard of the water base is the fact that the shadow has no base colour and is, except for the golden glitter particles, see through.

I also did the water test, and the results were better than expected but not as good as I had hoped.  The glitter did survive the first spray of water and looked just fine, but when I put my hand into water a second time, most or the glitter disappeared into nothingness.  So, a slight drizzle will not do any damage to your makeup but anything more should be avoided.

And the doe foot applicator is nice but pretty much useless, because applying it directly with the wand is not really possible without smudging everything everywhere.



The cons: 

Con 1: Applying the liquid is difficult and perfectly blending it needs some practice. Once you get used to it it is manageable, but I recommend trying it out a few times at home.

Con 2: Applying it with the doe- foot wand does not work at all, as you might have guessed from my earlier comment.

Con 3: Applying the glitter over your eyeshadow, especially if you have already applied multiple layers will completely destroy everything you have done so far, smudging the shadow and testing your patience.

It may be because of the alcohol right? If anyone who maybe graduated in chemistry or isn’t a science noob like me knows the answer please tell me! I would love to know whether I am completely off my rocker or had a rare moment of smartness. 😉


The pros: 

Pro 1: I just have to put it out there: The glitter is stunning and has an air of whimsical elegance. You can use it for both a cute and carefree appearance and some real elegant as fluff looks.

Pro 2: Rather than only using it on your face, you can spread the glitter on other parts of your body to accentuate them beautifully. My preferred and recommended areas are the shoulders, the collarbone and the wrists. Especially if you are wearing a small wristband this will link stunning.

Pro 3: Once you are used to the liquid makeup you will really like it (if you do not let me know)

Pro 4: You can easily put the Eye Glitter into your purse to touch up on your glitter when you are on the toilet. I usually touch up on my collarbone glitter once or twice and put some on my nose. Just avoid eyeshadow or any other type of powder.


A'Pieu Eye Glitter Review



I am a bit conflicted about this particular liquid eyeshadow. Because while it is stunningly beautiful and I love the gold shimmer more than any other gold I own (I just bought the Nyx Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette with gorgeous gold in it so… Serious competition guys 😉 ) BUT the application, especially in the beginning, is painstakingly annoying. Also I dislike the fact that you cannot put the glitter over any shadow.

So personally, this is one of my holy grail items. Not because it is so good, but because I have a lot of personal attachment. It is my first liquid product and it was so much trial and error until I got used to it, so I feel an odd sense of achievement.


Alchemiin Beauty Blog Reviews

Would I recommend it? Yes I would, because it is pretty, but I am also sure that there is a better liquid glitter out there. So the A’Pieu Eye Glitter in the colour Glitter Ball deserves a good three out of five. It is not really a four, but it it certainly very pretty.




My Alchemiin Tip:

My favourite and recommended way of applying the Eye Glitter is right after the primer all over the eyelid. This way you have some time to let it dry while you do your hair or other things – like chasing away your cat, who thought throwing down and breaking your only and favourite 35£ pressed shadow would be a fun idea… So not over that yet.

After about 15 seconds the glitter has fully dried and you can just continue with your regular makeup like usual. Just leave out the areas you want the glitter to show through and you are good to go.
This way you can definitely reduce the potential damage the liquid might do.



I am so sorry about my long absence. I was so busy with my A-Levels and then Uni applications. I also had some really big problems in my private life and definitely was not feeling like blogging. Or actually doing anything except for lying in bed.

Well, I hope I am on a roller coaster that only goes up now and because I have some free time on my hands, I can make up for the absent reviews with some really good new ones.

Also, today – for anyone reading this at a later point, it is July 27th – is my birthday, which is the perfect day for the start of a beauty review weekend.

Really love you guys, Eden.

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