It’s skin aloe relaxing mask sheet – review


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Masks are practically a skincare must have nowadays. And expensive as hell. So when I decide to spend a small fortune on a mask sheet I have really high expectations. 

Lately I have been neglecting my skin because of a really tight schedule and as a sort of apology, I decided to treat myself to a mask sheet that caught my interest while I was browsing through the aisles at Missha.

The product:

It’s Skin Relaxing Mask Sheet – Aloe

The packaging is really simple and to the point. As a graphic designer I can appreciate the simplicity. The plastic wrapping has a really nifty matte-shiny surface that you only notice when taking a closer look.


Aloe Extract: Aloe Vera is one thing you practically cannot go wrong with. It has healing properties, is anti inflammatory, moisturising and has an anti-acing effect.

Additionally, if you have pale skin, aloe vera is your best friend in summer. Just rub it onto your skin gently, if you have gotten sunburnt, and it will soothe the skin and reduce some of the pain. 

Trehalose: Is actually a kind of sugar that is sometimes called “mushroom sugar” because it can be found in mushrooms. It has an anti-aging effect and stabilises protein structures.

Apparently it is a really healthy kind of sugar, so if you want to eat “anti-aging-sugar” just buy some shiitake mushrooms!

Cucumber extract: Well, we all know that cucumber is 95% water, so what can you really expect? There is one interesting fact about cucumber: It enhances the scent of a makeup product. Who knew?

Avocado fruit extract: The extract is used in products to replenish moisture. It is popular because it is easily absorbed by the skin, that why avocado extract is often used in moisturisers or massage oils.

Here is a link to the full ingredient list and some additional explanations if you want to do some extra research. Aloe Mask Sheet Ingredients

How to use it:

itsskin_aloe_relaxing_mask 2

What it claims to do:

  • Calming Hydration

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract provides supple hydration on the skin and calms the stressed skin from external stimuli.

  • Relaxing Pure

Systematic Skin Calming Solution by It’s Skin, it calms down stressed skin and makes your skin radiant and pure.

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What it really does:

Even if you are busy like a bee, don’t forget to treat yourself to some down time too. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, put in your favourite movie and just relax for a hour or two. 


What I really like about this mask is the sheet itself. It has a well fitting shape and the material feels really smooth. Also, the mask does not rip or stretch too much while unwrapping and applying it.

The product is cool to the touch and feels really nice on your skin. Like every aloe containing  product I know it is somewhat sticky but well, you cannot actually help that.

The thing I was most surprised about was the amount of essence my skin absorbed in the 20 minutes I used the mask for. It really felt like my skin got hydrated quite well. There was also a lot of excess essence left, so no worries about drying out with this particular product.



The cons: 

Con 1: After removing the mask your skin feels sticky and a bit slimy for a while. Personally, I don’t like this kind of feeling at all, but it disappears after a while, so the stickiness is bearable.

Con 2: The excess essence you massage into your skin needs a lot of time to dry. So if you plan to use this mask you should at least have 40 minutes to 50 minutes of free time to spare. 20 minutes for the actual mask, then another 20 to let your skin absorb the residue essence and add an extra 10 minutes just to be on the save side.

Also because of the stickiness you are forced to wait until your skin in completely dry because there is no way you can put on any creams or whatever until then. Except for scrubbing the rest off, but that would put all the time you spent on letting the mask do it’s work to waste.


The pros: 

Pro 1: It’s Skins Nude Seal Sheets are the best sheets I have used so far. If you have a small face like me you will find that this product actually feels like it fits. The sheet adapts to the face of the buyer and feels really pleasant. Also it is quite robust, so don’t worry too much about ripping it into two.

Pro 2: The long wait was really worth it. Additionally to being really soft, my skin feels more hydrated and really relaxed. Maybe not as much as I would have liked but it’s definitely worth a mention.



I don’t feel any regret about being this mask and if you need some relaxation this is my recommendation for now. I will continue to search for an even better alternative but the Aloe Mask Sheet is definitely not a waste of money.




The It’s Skin Relaxing Mask Sheet – Aloe gets a wobbly four out of five from me. The effects are more calming than real skin magic but the sheet is top notch.

My Alchemiin Tip:

Instead of using the excess essence on your face only, put it onto your chest and neck area too. People tend to forget these spots and the skin tends to dry out more. If there is still something left, spread it onto your arms and gently tap your skin. It really feels great and your skin will become soft and velvety.


Until the next review! Love, Eden

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